What is Vantiq?

//What is Vantiq?

What is Vantiq?

Do you need to be agile by applying your business strategy? Do you want to quickly incorporate new technologies to improve your productivity?

Vantiq AplicaciónVantiq ApplicationWith Vantiq, quickly develop and deploy applications that manage business processes in real time.

Vantiq is a software development and deployment platform that allows a rapid development of applications with real-time response. Vantiq applications receive events, analyze them and act and can incorporate services and systems of all kinds (traditional applications, sensors, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, big data, recognitions, mobile devices, people, …). Vantiq’s technology is simple to learn and easy to use, which is very important in these times of scarcity of IT resources.

This is Vantiq’s application development and deployment platform. Boost your business with commercial operations in real time
The Vantiq platform is based on a state-of-the-art architecture, including two components, an advanced event broker, Pronto, and tools that enable the rapid and efficient development of code, Modelo. Only Vantiq is positively referenced by Gartner Group in both the AEB (Advanced Event Broker) and aPaaS (application Platform as a Service) categories.

1- The Event Broker Soon.

“Know everything that happens in your business and translate it into data to reach conclusions that allow you to make decisions in real time and obtain effective results.”

The capabilities of Vantiq Pronto as an advanced event broker allows the constant monitoring of an operation by accepting events from anywhere (sensors, IoT, mobile, historical applications, …), analyze them in real time and send them, or other events generated, to the Interested applications.

The events can be analyzed independently, or in flow mode, or combined with other events or information from external services thus allowing a comprehensive knowledge of the state of the environment. Just as in our day to day chats, social networks, email make us react instantly the events broker takes business operations in real time, something essential for the company to be competitive.

For more information on event-driven systems, download the Event-Driven Systems document from the Vantiq website.

2- Model, its development interface.

“Reduce costs and programming times in a simple and friendly visual environment”.

In the platform of high productivity as a service, aPaaS, the developers of Vantiq specify the logic of the business, not the small details of the implementation, it is what we know as little / no code (low code). During the requirements definition phase, the business and technical personnel jointly define the events and actions required and with this Vantiq automatically creates the “scaffolding” or principles of the software application.

Vantiq visual tools are used to add analytics, collaborations and additional services to complete the application. To create this specialized functionality Vantiq uses a powerful as well as simple language based on JavaScript and SQL.

With the latest version of Modelo, the real-time platform extends from the cloud to the edge of it “Cloud-to-Edge”, with connectivity to “Edge / Gateway” devices that extends to the latest “micro-edge” devices ”

For more information about Modelo and its components, see the document Model Description and Components of the Vanyan website

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